Q1:FxRobber- Why this name ?

Ans:At FxRobber,we know the secret how the brokers operate and we help people earn super fast.

Q2:How does it work ?

Ans:We get you registered with a broker, you invest and we trade for you by SupRemo/Teamviewer using the secret strategy for guaranteed earnings.

Q3:Do i need to invest ?

Ans:You need to invest. You can start with a nominal $250.

Q4:Can i earn without investment ?

Ans:No. You can't earn without investment. You can start with a nominal $250.

Q5:Do i need SupRemo/Teamviewer? / Why do i need SupRemo/Teamviewer ?

Ans:Yes. We will trade for you by SupRemo/Teamviewer. You can download it for free.supremo_favicon-2 teamviewer

Q6:I don't have Skype.

Ans:You can create Skype account and add our Skype ID fxrobber. You can download it for free teamviewer

Q7:How will i deposit ?

Ans:You can deposit by Credit/Debit Card, Neteller, Skrill or Bank Wire/Transfer.

Q8:How will i withdraw ?

Ans:Withdrawal method is same as of deposit.

Q9:Is this legit/legal/scam ?

Ans:Yes. This is legit and legal.

Q10:How do i believe ?

Ans:The brokers are regulated, certified and licensed. They have a reputation for prompt cash out.

Q11:Do you have any proof ?

Ans:You will find the proof in our website.

Q12:How much do i need to invest?/How much is minimum investment ?

Ans:You can start with $250.

Q13:What is your benefit ?

Ans:You will pay us 15% of your profits.

Q14:What if i lose?/ What is the guarantee ?

Ans:For minimum $500 investment, we will refund $200 if you do not earn.

Q15:Can you trade in my existing account ?

Ans:Yes. However, you need to register and invest with one of our recommended broker.

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